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Welcome to the Zhang Research Group!

Our group focuses on the synthesis, self-assembly, and functionalization of nanostructured materials for applications in energy and environment.

Our research topics include:

Development of photocatalysts for water splitting, carbon dioxide reduction, pollutants degradation, and organic compounds conversion.

Development of heterogeneous nanocatalysts for the conversion of organic compounds .

Colloidal inorganic nanostructures: synthesis, surface modification, assembly, and biomaterial applications.


Latest News
2017-9-8 Prof. Tierui Zhang won the Chinese - PerfectLight photochemical Outstanding Young Scientist Award
2017-9-7 Advanced Science News: Electronics-energy ultrathin δ-MnO2 nanosheets with outstanding electrocatalytic performance for overall water splitting
2017-3-15 Advanced Science News: Nitrogen defects in 2D graphitic carbon nitride for water splitting
2016-8-12 Prof. Tierui Zhang was awarded the Fifteenth National Conference on solar photochemistry and photocatalysis - "Outstanding Young Scientist Award"
2016-7-21 Prof. Tierui Zhang was awarded the Science Bulletin 2015 "Best Associate Editor Award" outstanding vice editor award of the year
2016-7-6 ScienceNet: Scientists successfully synthesized a new type of electrolytic water catalyst
2016-6-2 Synthesis of Ni3FeN nanoparticles based on NiFe LDH precursor and study on their electrocatalytic properties for overall water splitting
2016-3-25 Our group's paper was included in the March most Download TOP5 of Advanced Energy Materials
2016-3-16 Ni3FeN Nanoparticles: An Efficient Overall Water Splitting Electrocatalyst
2016-3-3 Chemistryworld: New photocatalyst shows promise for fuel production
2016-3-2 MaterialsViews: Outstanding electrocatalytic activity from metal and nitrogen co-doped carbon nanoframeworks


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